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    For those who are restricted and have to stay at home

  2. Anastasia: The Musical

    The spectacular new musical about discovering who you are and defining who you're meant to be.

  3. Broadway Access Classroom

    Bring Broadway's best into your classroom! With a special 25% discount code.

  4. Broadway Access Pro

    Learn from Broadway’s best. At home or on-the-go. With a special 25% discount promo code.

  5. Working From Home

    Please contact us via email

  6. Stories of Women through the ages

    From Nick Hern Books

  7. Ride the Cyclone

    A funny, moving look at what makes a life well-lived!


    Bring the Mighty, Magnificent and Unbeatable to your stage!

  9. Wonderful One Act Plays from Playscripts

    Playscripts have some of the most popular one-act plays.

  10. Wind in the Willows - Young@Part

    This riotous comedy follows Mole, Rat, Badger, and the impulsive Mr. Toad, whose antics land him in serious trouble.

  11. New Musical - Brass

    One of the finest pieces of British musical theatre

  12. Author Notes: Brass

    A note from Benjamin Till, the writer of Brass.

  13. Discover NSW theatre vouchers

    Your theatre can register to become eligible to receive the $25 vouchers from your patrons.

  14. The SpongeBob Musical

    Now available for amateur licensing!

  15. Choosing a One Act Play

    Are you looking for a play in one act for your class or performance group?

  16. Plays set around schools

    This week we take a look at our favourite plays set in and around schools.

  17. Musicals for Schools with backing tracks

    Are you back to school and planning your next school musical? Take a look at these School Editions of favourite Broadway musicals with backing tracks.

  18. Musicals set in schools

    Here is a look at some of our favourite musicals set in and around schools