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  1. Trending musicals for 2022!

    The following are our most sought after musicals for schools this year.


    This multi-Tony Award-winning musical arrives in Melbourne following its acclaimed Sydney season

  3. Contacting Us

    The best way to contact us is via email

  4. Merry Christmas Wishes from ORiGiN Theatrical

    Plus our holiday playlist and office hours

  5. Three great new stage adaptations

    Now available to perform!

  6. Holiday favourites from Dramtic Publishing

    Deck the halls and theatres with these festive musicals and plays to bring you and your group into the holiday season.

  7. Beloved musicals especially for young performers

    One hour adaptations of beloved musicals designed especially for young performers.

  8. Nick Hern Books

    Plays to Perform!

  9. Most Produced Musicals and Plays 2020/2021

    #1 The Addams Family, #1 Clue, #1 Check Please

  10. Spooky Stories

    Free Reads for Halloween Weekend

  11. Play planning for your student theatre group?

    Find a play to fit your youth group

  12. Eddie Rayner gets together with ORiGiN

    ORiGiN Theatrical to represent Eddie’s ENZSO Concert Library

  13. Jesus Christ Superstar 50th Anniversary album edition

    The album that launched the phenomenon.


    For those who are restricted and have to stay at home

  15. Anastasia: The Musical

    The spectacular new musical about discovering who you are and defining who you're meant to be.

  16. Broadway Access Classroom

    Bring Broadway's best into your classroom! With a special 25% discount code.

  17. Broadway Access Pro

    Learn from Broadway’s best. At home or on-the-go. With a special 25% discount promo code.

  18. Working From Home

    Please contact us via email