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  1. Discover NSW theatre vouchers

    Your theatre can register to become eligible to receive the $25 vouchers from your patrons.

  2. The SpongeBob Musical

    Now available for amateur licensing!

  3. Choosing a One Act Play

    Are you looking for a play in one act for your class or performance group?

  4. Plays set around schools

    This week we take a look at our favourite plays set in and around schools.

  5. Musicals for Schools with backing tracks

    Are you back to school and planning your next school musical? Take a look at these School Editions of favourite Broadway musicals with backing tracks.

  6. Musicals set in schools

    Here is a look at some of our favourite musicals set in and around schools

  7. School Of Rock - You're All In The Band!

    Now available for amateur productions in Australia and New Zealand!!

  8. Introducing! Platform Plays for young female actors

    Putting girls and young women centre stage

  9. NEW! The Beverly Hillbillies - The Musical

    The musical comedy is about compassion and tolerance—with a little moonshine and Ozark stompin’ thrown in to spice it all up.


    for your School or Community Theatre in 2021

  11. Young Performers' Editions

    60-minute musicals for your young performers in 2021


    New Stay-At-Home plays to perform online with digital scripts!

  13. GREASE Young@Part™ is now available for licensing!

    Finally! The authorised GREASE for kids.

  14. The TRW Virtual Reading Library is now OPEN and FREE for all!

    TRW is pleased to offer, at no cost, the entire digital script perusal library. Every title, every show is now available to you free of charge.

  15. Agatha Christie's Lost (and Found) Plays

    Thought there was nothing new to discover from the Queen of crime? Think again!

  16. Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully - Series 2

    NEW RELEASE! The complete second series of the successful BBC Radio 4 sitcom.

  17. Free Read: ear for eye by debbie tucker green

    and Nick Hern Books scripts now available

  18. Covid-Safe Theatre Guidelines

    Live Performance Australia has released COVID-Safe guidelines for theatres, auditions, rehearsals and live performances.


    The EdTA Survey of most performed shows for 2019-2020 is now available.