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Lucky Guy

LUCKY GUY tells the tale of a singing cowboy in Nashville who wins a song contest and the chance to become a star! The fun begins when the Queen of Country Music, who lives in a 28 room trailer, schemes to steal his prize winning song.

  • Full Length Musical
  • Comedy
  • 135 minutes

  • Time Period: 1960s
  • Target Audience: Appropriate for all audiences
  • Set Requirements: Unit Set/Multiple Settings

  • Performance Group:
  • High School/Secondary, College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre
The curtain rises as the Buckaroos give everyone a rousing welcomes to Nashville! We meet Billy Ray Jackson, who won a song contest off the back of the matchbook cover and arrives at Wright Track records to claim his prize. He meets Chicky, a hairdresser at the Wigateria, who tells him, I'm Doin' Hair Today (but I'll be gone tomorrow)! Then Billy Ray meets Wanda, pretty secretary at Wright Track and it's love at first sight! He charms the girls by telling them about back home in Oklahoma inside the Osage County Line joined by our Backaroos as a tribe of tap dancing Indians.

Next we meet G.C. Wright, owner of Wright Track and Chicky's perennial boyfriend, who is thrilled to be recording Billy Ray's prize-winning song Lucky Guy. Billy Ray's new friends at Wright Track warn him that Nashville is a town full of Folks Makin' Money off of other folks' dreams.

Big Al Wright, who has made his fortune selling Used Cars of the Stars, offers to help his cousin G.C. make a hit record out of "Lucky Guy." He whisks Billy Ray off to the Grande Ole Opry to meet the Queen of Country Music, Miss Jeannie Jeannine, who is on-stage singing her iconic hit Blue Jean Blues. In her dressing room, Jeannie and Big Al make a deal for her to steal "Lucky Guy" from Billy Ray so she can have a new hit and he can foreclose on the mortgage he holds on Wright Track. They're just Folk's Makin' Money (Reprise).

Jeannie lures Billy Ray to her palatial home, a 28-room trailer, where she tells him how lonely it is being Queen of Country Music backed up by the Buckaroos as her butlers. Jeannie's seduction does not go as planned and Billy Ray goes back to Wright Track where he and Wanda realize that their meeting each other was like finding a Needle In A Haystack. Act One ends with Big Al dropping a bombshell which leaves the folks at Wright Track feeling hopeless. Billy Ray reminds them to Do What You Can Do joined by the Buckaroos as a choir of Heavenly Angels. 

We are welcomed back to Nashville for the opening number of Big Al's live television show, Maybe Girl, starring Jeannie and the Buckaroos in a Wild West saloon setting. Backstage, Jeannie promises Billy Ray she will let him sing "Lucky Guy" on TV to save the Wright Track and make him a star and all he has to do is sign an iron-clad contract. Billy Ray is having second thoughts, so the Buckaroos become Jeannie's four red wings encouraging Billy Ray to sign on the dotted line in Yo' A Little Lady.

Meanwhile, Chicky tells Wanda she's overheard a rumor that Jeannie was going to steal both "Lucky Guy" and Billy Ray. She convinces Wanda to stand by her man: Find Him and Bring Him Home.

Back on the TV show, Big Al struts his stuff in an over-produced commercial for Big Al's Used cars of the Stars while backstage, Jeannie is suddenly confronted by Wanda. They fight for Billy Ray's affections, each confident he's going to pick them and that he will Make Up His Mind.

Jeannie opens the door to her dressing room where Billy Ray is waiting, giving Wanda the wrong impression, and she leaves in tears. Billy Ray then says that he does not want to be a star -- if it means losing Wanda -- and he hands Jeannie the unsigned contract. As he leaves, he thanks Jeannie for being his friend by giving her the song, Remembering You. Chicky and G.C. fear their dreams for "Lucky Guy" may now be lost, but realize that no matter what, they still have each other as G.C. finally proposes to Chicky.

Jeannie tells Big Al that he is introducing Billy Ray to sing "Lucky Guy" on his show and there's nothing he can do to stop her. But, Big Al threatens to reveal Jeannie's secret past if she does. Billy Ray and Jeannie then decide to work together to foil Big Al as she sings Trailer Park Romance and then introduces Billy Ray to sing "Lucky Guy." Listening to Billy Ray sing, a heart-broken Wanda recalls how she fell in love with My Lucky Guy. Everyone now realizes that "Lucky Guy" is going to be a big hit so Big Al makes a deal with G.C. and Billy Ray proposes to Wanda and there is a happy ending for all in The Big Finale.


"Lucky Guy is a fun, sprightly musical that is difficult to resist!"

 The New York Times

"As refreshing as a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Lucky Guy wins your heart!"


"Williard Beckham's charming new musical is loaded with flair! A playfully unrepentant swank permeates Lucky Guy, though it's the fine music that carries the show and should please even the most conservative of country music purists."

 ABC News

"Lucky Guy is witty, surprising, exuberant and just plain fun as any musical in New York this season."

 Cabaret Scenes

"More fun than a Louisiana hayride!"

 Associated Press

  • Casting: 7M, 3F
  • Casting Attributes: Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle), Strong Role for Leading Man (Star Vehicle)
  • Chorus Size: Small

    BUCKAROOS - (4 guys)
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