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Dr. Selavy's Magic Theatre

Welcome to the extraordinary odyssey of a confused young man, led by wacky doctors through a labyrinth of wildly theatricalized versions of major life crises and temptations...

  • Full Length Musical
  • Comedy

  • Target Audience: Appropriate for all audiences
  • Set Requirements: Unit Set/Multiple Settings

  • Performance Group:
  • Community Theatre, College Theatre / Student, Professional Theatre

  • Accolades:
  • Winner! Drama Desk Award for Most Promising New Composer
Welcome to the extraordinary odyssey of a confused young man, led by wacky doctors through a labyrinth of wildly theatricalized versions of major life crises and temptations -- wealth, sensuality, power, romance, lost innocence, and death.

Presided over by the enigmatic Dr. Selavy (or C'est La Vie, if you like), himself an illusion created by master trickster Marcel Duchamp, this outrageous journey leads our hero in an ironic dance through an eccentric fun house of extravagant awakenings to a climax of self-knowledge and acceptance.

To the strains of an eminently hummable and upbeat score, this offbeat piece provides an adventurous departure from the traditional expectations of musical theatre.


"Brilliantly unique. Entertaining - the music is really good- everything from hard rock to soft Bach to superfly soul to McCartney ballad!"

Newsweek Magazing

"Lots of brainpower. A most entertaining evening on the surreal side."

Jerry Tallmer New York Post

"An evening of musical fun. It has the look of continental cabaret - an evening of crooning (with megaphone), soul singing, rock and plaintive musical interludes. I think you'll find it as much fun as a cage full of monkeys!"

Douglas Wall New York Daily News

"You don't have to be paranoid to enjoy 'Doctor Selavy's Magic Theatre.' Concieved, staged and designed by Richard Roreman, this excursion into a funhouse is more funny than houselike. There is a rare zaniness here. Mr. Foreman has done an astonishing job of staging - with style, wit and taste. He has been helped at every turn - by the music of Stanley Silverman, and the lyrics of Tom Hendry. The music ranges from rock to ballad to nursery tale, and yet everything Mr. Silverman writes has interest - uncommon skill and offers uncommon enjoyment. Both music and lyrics are original and yet sophisticatedly parodistic. The cast is uniformly excellent. There is a most engaging madness to 'Doctor Selavy's Magic Theatre.'"

Clive Barnes New York Times

"It is definitely easy to be continually amazed and amused is 'Marat/Sade' as if executed by Marcel Duchamp, Soupy Sales, Mack Sennett, Busby Berkely, the cast of 'Hair,' Julius Monk and Sigmund Freud!"

The New York Times

Stanley Silverman is the brightest talent in this medium to come along since the Leonard Bernstein of "On The Town" and "Wonderful Town". Indeed, he could turn out to be the later day Cole Porter

Harold C. Schoenberg New York Times

"Recaptures a charming adventure in zany Surrealism."

John Rockwell The New York Times
  • Casting: 4M, 4F, 1M or F
  • Casting Attributes: Strong Role for Leading Man (Star Vehicle), Roles for Children
  • Casting Notes: The characters should be identified by the names of the actor in each role.

  • BEN - the young and bewildered patient
    DR. MARY - the strong-willed matron
    DR. BOB - short and lively with rolling eyes
    DR. STEVE - the hippie type
    DR. DENISE - exotic, svelte and sinuous
    DR. AMY - short, childlike but slightly macabre
    DR. JESSICA - the beautiful, country club type
    DR. SELAVY - austere, maniacal, tall and elegant
    YOUNG BEN (non-singing)
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    1 x Libretto/Vocal Book
    1 x Piano Conductor Score

    Rehearsal Material Shipped a minimum of 3 months before the last performance. This must be hired as a condition of the License to produce this show.

    20 x Libretto/Vocal Books
    2 x Piano Conductor Scores

    $550.00 +$135.00/pm
    Orchestral Material Shipped a minimum of 1 month before the last performance. This is optional.

    1 x Piano Conductor Scores
    1 x Guitar I (Electric Guitar, Banjo, Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele)
    1 x Guitar II (Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin)
    1 x Cello
    1 x Electric Bass (Doubling Acoustic)
    1 x Drums

    $350.00 +$135.00/pm
    Lib/Vocal Book 10 Pack Shipped with (or after) Rehearsal Material. This is optional.

    10 x Libretto/Vocal Books

    $50.00 +$50.00/pm