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Harvesting the Marigold Seeds

Published in Moving On.

  • Short Play
  • Drama

  • Accolades:
  • Winner! 2008 Kansas City Women’s Playwriting Contest
Published in Moving On.


"Moments of comic genius - huge laughs with each of her lines."

 Justin Steensma, Managing Director, Pro Musica Tours, NY

"A palpable hit for an enthusiastic audience."

Alan Woods, ICWP Archives at the Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Unit, The Ohio State University

"The beauty of these plays is that the playwright doesn't tell you how to play it, she leaves the door open for you to discover the richness of the subtext."

Rose Leininger, Artistic Director, Red Hen Productions

Premiere Production: Harvesting the Marigold Seeds was first presented at the Red Hen Theatre Cleveland, Ohio, in June 2005. It was directed by Rose Leininger and subsequently won the 2008 Kansas City Women’s Playwriting Contest.
  • Casting: 4F

  • MARY - 48, single. Teacher. Lived at home all her life taking care of her mother who just recently entered an assisted living home. Wears a big-eyed cat t-shirt to exercise.
  • CAMILLE - Late 50s, married. Gently opinionated. She wears a t-shirt to exercise that says, "Good Morning is an oxymoron."
  • ANNIE - 28. Teaches dance at the local college. Wears a "Race for the Cure" t-shirt.
  • GRACE - Late 60s to 70s. Potter/Gallery owner. Wears a t-shirt that says "Art. Ask for more."
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    Published in Moving On.