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9 Feb

With Valentine's being celebrated by many this weekend, we thought we would join in the festivities and share some of our shows about LOVE... 

--------------  MUSICALS --------------  

Book and Lyrics by Joe DiPietro Music by Jimmy Roberts
Full Length Musical, Comedy, Present Day
2M, 2F
This celebration of the mating game takes on the truths and myths behind that contemporary conundrum know as 'the relationship.'

A musical adaptation from the novel by David Garnett. 
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Lyrics by Don Black and Charles Hart. 
Full Length Musical, Melodrama, 1940s
4M, 6F
The show tells the story of passion, love, life and loss across three generations of a family and their artistic companions, against a background of 1940's France and Italy. “Love Changes Everything” was a huge hit for Michael Ball, who starred in the original production in London and on Broadway.

Book and Lyrics by Ryan Cunningham. Music by Joshua Salzman.
Full Length Musical, Comedy, Present Day
3M, 3F
I LOVE YOU BECAUSE is a modern twist on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, set in New York City. A young, uptight greeting card writer’s life is changed when he meets a flighty photographer. Along with their eccentric friends and siblings, they learn to love each other not in spite of their faults, but because of them.

Book by David Evans and Sarah Schlesinger. Music by David Evans. Lyrics by Sarah Schlesinger.
Full Length Musical, Comedy, 1950s
2M, 2F
Stop the presses! Help is on the way for the lovelorn! Here at last is an operator's manual for getting love right. This heart-stopping and affectionate tribute to the classic romance comic books of the 1940's and '50's is a whirlwind course in the hard won lessons of love.

--------------  PLAYS --------------  

James Zager
Full Length Play, Drama
4M, 3F, 3M or F
A deconstruction of Romeo and Juliet, this adaptation explores Shakespeare's original play using only the scenes in which Juliet appears to re-imagine the narrative of this enigmatic young girl. Since Juliet cannot roam the world freely, everything that happens outside her home must be told to her by others, both Capulet and Montague alike. Juliet must try to piece together the harsh reality of a tragic love born in a hostile world. 

Peter Bloedel
Full Length Play, Comedy (Short Play also available)
6M, 6F, 12M or F
A whimsical reinvention of Shakespeare's tragic love story, complete with rhymed couplets, creative wordplay, and fantastical machines -- similar to something Dr. Seuss might have come up with if he ever had his way with the script...
"The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet" is not affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Dr. Seuss Enterprises.
Short Play (50 minutes)

Adapted from Shakespeare by Cass Foster
Full Length Play, Drama
18M, 4F
SIXTY-MINUTE SHAKESPEARE is an ideal alternative for those who lack the time or means to tackle the unabridged versions of the world's most widely read playwright. Cass Foster has judiciously condensed (without modernizing) the Bard's richly poetic language. He has skillfully retained the integrity of the text, allowing students to experience the thrill of the stories as well as the captivating imagery in the prose and verse. In addition, Foster has provided helpful footnotes on nearly every page explaining the more arcane words and phrases to help the reader better understand and appreciate each play. 

Tom Stoppard
Full Length Play, Drama
22M, 1F
It is 1936 and A. E. Housman is being ferried across the Styx, glad to be dead at last. His memories, however, are dramatically alive. THE  INVENTION OF LOVE uses the free form of memory to give a sympatic account of Housman in the age of Oscar Wilde, and it asks whose passion was really the fatal one?

Philip Dawkins
Full Length Play, Comedy, 1920s
2M, 3F, 2M or F
By the end of 1928, all three Fail sisters will be dead -- expiring in reverse order, youngest to oldest, from blunt objects to the head, disappearance, and finally consumption. Tuneful songs, and a whimsical chorus follow the story of Nelly, Jenny June, and Gerty as they live out their lives above the family clock repair shop near the Chicago river, before their time unexpectedly runs out. A magical, musical fable where, in the end, the power of love is far greater than any individual's successes or failures.

Mat Smart
Full Length Play, Comedy, Present Day, New Millennium / 21st Century
3M, 3F
Escape to Paris in search of the true meaning of love in the delectable The 13th of Paris. Qu'est-ce que c'est l'amour? What is love? In this charming and theatrical romantic comedy, Vincent takes a spontaneous trip from his life in Chicago to the 13th arrondissement of Paris, carrying only a suitcase.

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