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Dot and Tot of Merryland

Dot and Tot of Merryland is the enchanting musical adaptation of L. Frank Baum's original story that was written as a companion piece to The Wizard of Oz.

  • Full Length Musical
  • Comedy
  • 75 minutes

  • Target Audience: Pre-Teen (Age 11 - 13), Children (Age 6 - 10), Appropriate for all audiences

  • Performance Group:
  • Community Theatre, College Theatre / Student, Jr High/Primary, High School/Secondary
Dot and Tot of Merryland is the delightful musical journey of two children who are swept away in a boat to the enchanted Valleys of Merryland. Along the way, they travel to the fanciful Valley of the Clowns where all is joyful and fun. But soon, Tot wants to return to the home that he misses.

Dot and Tot travel on to find the Queen of Merryland, for only she can help them return. They meet Mr. Left and Right Split, who speak every other word in a sentence, and all of the toys of Merryland. The Queen welcomes them, and she joins the children for more adventure as they try to find her stolen thinking machine.

Finally, they arrive at the Valley of the Lost Things, where they meet a banished troll and discover the missing thinking machine. In true Oz style, goodness triumphs, imagination abounds, and Dot and Tot return home stronger and wiser. 

An optional accompaniment CD is available for use with this show. 

  • Casting: 1M, 7F, 6M or F