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Literary Adaptations
30 Mar

Based on books by some of the most loved and revered authors. Bring these literary adaptions to life on your stage.

Animal Farm (Bond)
George Orwell. Adapted by Nelson Bond.
Full Length Play, Satire/Political Satire, Adaptations (Literature)
CAST: 5M, 2F
Animal Farm is a fable with a sting. Much has been written about the threat of Communism, but it remained to the late George Orwell to expose the Russian experiment for what it really is; an idealist's dream, converted by realists into a nightmare.
Intermingling humor and drama, Animal Farm wrings the emotions of its listeners, leaving audiences shaken with the tale of a tragedy that happened in a mythical barnyard far away but could happen in our own back yard.

Cyrano De Bergerac
Adapted by Glyn Maxwell. From the play by Edmond Rostand.
Full Length Play, Adaptations (Literature), Comedy
CAST: 5M, 7F
Swordsman, Philosopher, Poet, Raconteur Cyrano de Bergerac is all these, but none of them makes him happy. What he desires above all is the love of the beautiful Roxane. But his problem is as plain as the nose on his face. Surely he is too ugly to ever be loved?
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George's Marvellous Medicine
By Roald Dahl Adapted for the stage by David Wood
Full Length Play, Adaptations (Literature), Comedy, Present Day
CAST: 4M or F
George lives on a farm, managed by his mother and father. Their lives are thrown into disarray by the arrival of Grandma, who behaves appallingly.
George tries to make her "better" by creating a marvellous medicine, which has the most extraordinary effect on Grandma, who grows and grows until she bursts through the ceiling. George's father realizes that the magic medicine could work on his farm animals, providing extra food to help feed a hungry world.
But attempts to make more medicine lead to hilarious and frustrating happenings... The play uses puppets to considerable effect, plus a Giant Chicken, played by an actor.
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By Jane Austen. Adapted by Jeff James With James Yeatman.
Full Length Play, Drama, Adaptations (Literature)
CAST: 4M, 5F
If you can't find a husband in Bath, you won't find one anywhere.
When Captain Wentworth proposed to Anne eight years ago, he had only love and ambition to offer. Talked out of accepting his proposal by her family, Anne's never quite got over her first love.
But now Wentworth is back. Rich, successful and single, the handsome Captain has been transformed into a serious catch. When circumstances bring the two face to face again, Anne Elliot is forced to confront the past. As old wounds reopen, will Wentworth's resentment keep him away, and will Anne finally decide what she really wants?
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The Worst Witch
Adapted by Emma Reeves. Music by Luke Potter. From the Books by Jill Murphy.
Full Length Play, Adaptations (Literature), Comedy, Contemporary
A stage adaptation of the beloved and best-selling series of children's novels, The Worst Witch.
Mildred Hubble is an ordinary girl who found herself in an extraordinary place: a school for witches. Now in her final year at Miss Cackle?s Academy, accident prone Mildred and her fellow pupils are about to embark on their biggest adventure yet?
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Treasure Island
Adapted by Bryony Lavery. From Robert Louis Stevenson.
Full Length Play, Adventure, Adaptations (Literature)
CAST: 16M, 7F
"Not one of us must breathe a work of what we've found..."
It's a dark and stormy night. Jim, the inn-keeper's granddaughter, opens the door to a terrifying stranger. At the old sailor's feet sits a huge sea-chest, full of secrets. Jim invites him in -- and her dangerous voyage begins.
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A Tale of Two Cities (stage version)
Adapted by Mike Poulton. From Charles Dickens.
Full Length Play, Drama, Adaptations (Literature), 18th Century
CAST: 9M, 4F
A thrilling, fast-paced adaptation of the classic novel, considered by Dickens "the best story I have ever written."
An epic story of love, sacrifice and redemption, interweaving one family's intensely personal drama with the terror and chaos of the French Revolution.
This version of A Tale of Two Cities premiered at Royal & Derngate, Northampton, in February 2014, featuring a large community ensemble alongside the main cast.
Mike Poulton's adaptation is ideal for any amateur theatre companies, schools or youth theatres looking to stage a bold and dramatic version of Dickens' classic.
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Around the World in 80 Days (stage version)
By Laura Eason. Original author Jules Verne.
Full Length Play, Drama, Adaptations (Literature), Comedy, 19th Century, Contemporary
CAST: 5M, 3F
The fabulously wealthy Victorian gentleman Phileas Fogg wagers his life's fortune that he can circumnavigate the globe in just eighty days.
Along with his hapless valet Passepartout, he sets out on a dazzling escapade that takes him from the misty alleys of London to the exotic subcontinent and on to the Wild West as they race against the clock on a dizzying succession of trains, steamers, a wind-propelled sledge and an elephant.
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Jane Eyre (stage version)
By Charlotte Brontë Adapted by Polly Teale
Full Length Play, Drama, Adaptations (Literature)
CAST: 3M, 5F
A bold and theatrically inventive adaptation of the literary classic that puts the interior life of the novel on stage.
As a child, the orphaned Jane Eyre is taught by a succession of severe guardians to stifle her natural exuberance. A part of herself is locked away, out of view of polite society... until she arrives at Rochester's house as a governess to his young child. Soon Rochester?s passionate nature reawakens Jane?s hidden self, but darker secrets are stirring in the attic...
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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (stage version)
Mary Shelley. Adapted for the stage by Rona Munro.
Full Length Play, Drama, Adaptations (Literature)
CAST: 4M, 3F, 1M or F
An eighteen-year-old girl, Mary Shelley, dreams up a monster whose tragic story will capture the imaginations of generations to come.
A young scientist by the name of Frankenstein breathes life into a gruesome body. Banished into an indifferent world, Frankenstein's creature desperately seeks out his true identity, but the agony of rejection and a broken promise push him into darkness. Dangerous and vengeful, the creature threatens to obliterate Frankenstein and everyone he loves, in a ferocious and bloodthirsty hunt for his maker.

The Jungle Book (Jessica Swale stage version)
By Jessica Swale Music by Richard Stilgoe From the stories by Rudyard Kipling
Full Length Play, Drama, Adaptations (Literature)
CAST: 3M, 6F, 11M or F
Rudyard Kipling's beloved tale of family, belonging and identity has been reimagined in this acclaimed adaptation by Jessica Swale, with original songs by Joe Stilgoe.
The Jungle Book tells the story of Mowgli, the man-cub who is raised by wolves. With a little help from his animal friends -- including Bagheera the panther, Baloo the bear, and Kaa the python -- he must face the cruel and powerful tiger, Shere Khan, and learn the Law of the Jungle.
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Wendy & Peter Pan
Adapted by Ella Hickson. From the book by J. M. Barrie.
Full Length Play, Drama, Adaptations (Literature), Fantasy, 1900-1910
CAST: 10M, 3F
Ella Hickson's version of J.M. Barrie's much-loved story puts the character of Wendy firmly centre stage, in an adaptation that is refreshingly modern but never loses the charm of the original.
Winter 1908. Snow is falling across London. Wendy Darling and her brothers sleep peacefully in their bedroom, as their parents bicker downstairs. In a sudden flurry of snow their window blows open, and into their lives tumbles a mischievous boy called Peter, followed by a fractious fairy called Tink.
With the aid of a little fairy dust, Wendy agrees to fly with Peter to Neverland, seeing not only the promise of an awfully big adventure, but also the chance to rediscover the key to her parents' lost happiness. Once there, she will give the Lost Boys a run for their money, defeat Captain Hook and his pirate crew, and ultimately, learn what it means to grow up.
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The Wind in the Willows (stage version)
By Kenneth Grahame Adapted By Mike Kenny
Full Length Play, Drama, Adaptations (Literature), Contemporary
CAST: 6M, 2F
This delightful stage adaptation combines all the joy and mystery of Kenneth Grahame's much-loved classic with the lightness of touch and playful theatricality that award-winning playwright Mike Kenny is known for.
Tired of spring-cleaning, Mole leaves Mole End and ventures out to the riverbank, where he befriends the resourceful Ratty, the gruff Badger and the infamous Toad of Toad Hall (Poop-poop!). Together they explore the Wide World, and the Wild Wood, and try to keep Toad out of trouble?!
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