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26 May

Want to win A$500?

Dust off those comedic talents and record any excerpt from FEEDEM FIGHTERS the hilarious play by Dorian Mode.  Maybe create a Team from your theatre group or school and enter as many times as you like with different scenes.
Director: "The action takes place in a spartan, soundproof one-roomed  apartment in the outer suburbs of Sydney. The time is the present."
Roll Camera, Mark, Action . . .

Here's a message to entrants from the playwright, Dorian Mode

Daryl Lucas is a fat, happily married soft-drink salesman living on the NSW Central Coast until the day he walks in on his cheating cougar wife and her young Pilates instructor.  While he plots to divorce her, she arranges for Daryl to be kidnapped by a group of disparate lunatics calling themselves Feedem Fighters.  Inspired by shows like Extreme Makeover and The Biggest Loser, these calorie terrorists kidnap fatties and keep them captive in a soundproof room for three months, forcing them to lose weight.  Can Daryl convince them he?s only being held so his wife can drain his accounts and run off with her Pilates instructor?
Dorian's play canvasses the dichotomy with our obsession with "food porn" television and extreme weight loss shows. What's unique about Dorian's writing is that he writes from the "inside out" rather than the "outside in". His work is aimed squarely at suburbia and non-traditional theatre-going audiences. And his "blue-collar" dialogue is reminiscent of people simply chatting in a local pub. So you can be assured this earthy comedy will appeal to both city and regional audiences.

"You'll laugh so much you'll lose two kilos!"

It's easy to enter:
1.    Read the script and select your excerpt
2.    Record your performance
3.    Send it to

All videos will be judged and announced by the playwright himself and the winning entry will receive A$500.00.  Your video will be featured in our next newsletter, on social media and you'll be crowned the winner.

Entry deadline - July 30, 2020.

How to send your entry: Either Mp4 format by email to OR link to a YouTube or Vimeo clip OR via a recognised file sharing video service such as DropBox or similar. Please no password being required to view and download the entry.
About your entry: Your video must be shot and edited at home, with no commercial production allowed. Creativity and talent, not production standards, will be the main criteria for judging or possibly just the one that makes Dorian laugh hysterically the most.  

Length: up to 10 minutes.
Please include your team name, suburb, country and contact email and phone number.

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